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At the February Council meeting, the City stated that a few questions from Guelph Hydro employees were omitted from this site. Please explain.


At every stage of the process, we encourage questions and comments from Guelph Hydro employees.

In addition to this website, the SOC and its staff supports at the City of Guelph and Guelph Hydro have participated in employee town hall meetings, answered questions in-person, and included employee feedback in our community engagement report.

There are a few reasons why we may not post every question or comment exactly as it is received on this website:

  • If we get multiple questions or comments about the same subject—we avoid posting duplicate information to make the site easier to use.
  • If a submission is inaccurate—our goal is to share the facts about each stage of the process.
  • If a submission is disrespectful—the site is intended to offer a helpful place to gather and share accurate information

Here’s the disclaimer at the bottom of the Questions and Answers page:
Questions/comments may be edited for spelling, grammar, length or tone while maintaining the author’s meaning or intent. Multiple questions/comments similar in nature may be consolidated. Rude or hostile questions/comments will not be answered or posted.

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