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Would a merger let us maintain local control?


After a merger, Guelph would become part-owner of Alectra, along with six other municipalities, and Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement System (OMERS)

  • City of Guelph 4.63%
  • City of Mississauga 26.60%
  • City of Vaughan 20.50%
  • City of Hamilton 17.31%
  • City of Markham 15.00%
  • City of Barrie 8.37%
  • City of St. Catharines 4.63%
  • OMERS Infrastructure 2.96%

A shareholder’s agreement would establish the rights and obligations of each partner, and explain how decisions are made.

Local crews would respond to local calls and Guelph and Rockwood customers would have extra support during storms or emergencies.

Alectra would provide a larger annual dividend which could be invested in local infrastructure, programs, and services, and help Guelph achieve energy conservation and sustainability goals.


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