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Why are info sessions at Home Depot, the mall and community centres during weekdays? Most people work, or are on vacation.


These pop-up events are not intended to draw a big crowd. There are no formal presentations as we hope to encourage friendly, casual conversations. We’re hoping to hear from people who wouldn’t typically attend a public open house or town hall meeting, so our pop-up information tables are scheduled during the week at places where you may not expect to see us.

At this point in the process, we’re simply reminding people that Guelph is considering possible mergers, and comparing those options with maintaining ownership of Guelph Hydro. We don’t want people to be surprised by any future announcement we make about the process, so City of Guelph and Guelph Hydro staff will be at various locations this month to:

  • increase awareness
  • encourage people to learn more
  • invite people to participate in the decision-making process this fall

In future phases of the process, we will continue offering several different ways for people to get involved. We understand this is especially important if and when City Council considers formal negotiations with a potential merger partner.

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