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Your electricity bill

Guelph Hydro uses 20 per cent of your electricity bill payment to distribute electricity to homes and businesses in our community. The rest of your electricity bill payment goes to generators, transmitters, regulators, government agencies and sales tax. All charges are governed by the Ontario Energy Board. Learn more about the charges on your bill.

Approving changes to electricity utilities in Ontario

 Any plan to buy, sell or merge electricity utility assets must be approved by the Ontario Energy Board. A proposal must show it will not have an adverse effect on ratepayers based on the Board’s No Harm Test.

In addition to meeting the Board’s statutory requirements, we believe the following criteria will help us evaluate different options for Guelph Hydro.

Decision-making criteria

Value for customers

Protect consumers with respect to electricity distribution rates
Meet or exceed current quality, safety and reliability of service
Meet or exceed current customer service standards
Maintain or enhance service and systems through innovation and technology

Value for community

Continue or enhance conservation and demand management programs
Support development of provincial smart grid
Encourage use and generation of electricity from renewable sources
Advocate for local interests among regulators, industry and other levels of government
Provide local jobs

Value for the City of Guelph

Realize the best financial return and overall value
Supply electricity efficiently and cost-effectively
Contribute capital funds for reinvestment
Support long-term community planning and economic development

We will continue treating Guelph Hydro employees with fairness and respect, and engage in open, honest communication with community and industry stakeholders.

Learn more about the No Harm Test in the Handbook to Electricity Distributor and Transmitter Consolidations.

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Quick Facts

Everything you need to know about our goals, process, and timelines for exploring options for Guelph Hydro.

Your Voice Matters

We want to hear from you as we explore opportunities for Guelph Hydro.

Current Landscape

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