1 Are you aware of Guelph Hydro’s current merger negotiations with Alectra?
2 Would you support a merger of Guelph Hydro and Alectra if it results in more moderate distribution rate increases than would occur if Guelph Hydro remained a standalone utility?
3 In the proposed Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger, local crews would be maintained and would still respond to local calls, which means jobs would stay in the community. Further, the merger would bring more jobs with the creation of a new Green Energy & Technology Centre.
Would you support a merger of Guelph Hydro and Alectra if it will maintain and generate new local jobs in Guelph?
4 Under a Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger, local crews would continue delivering the quality service it does right now, and Guelph Hydro crews would be supported by a larger contingent of skilled workers during emergencies such as severe storms.
Do you think that service and outage response times would be the same or better under a Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger?
5 A merger with Alectra would provide investment resources to maintain sustainable local electricity distribution infrastructure and to ensure that it keeps up with advances in technological innovation.
Do you agree that the proposed investment resources would result in innovation for the local electricity distribution system?
6 In a Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger, the City of Guelph would own part of a larger public utility and, as such, would receive higher annual dividends.
Would you support a merger of Guelph Hydro and Alectra if it meant dividends to the City of Guelph would increase and that money could be invested back into the community?
7 As part of the proposed merger, Alectra would establish a new Green Energy & Technology Centre in Guelph that would help position Guelph as a leader in green technology solutions.
Would you say that the establishment of a Green Energy & Technology Centre is a good direction for Guelph?

Guelph’s top five priorities

Over the past year, customers in Guelph and Rockwood attended open houses, filled out surveys, submitted questions, and posted comments online. Most people we talked to said these were the top five priorities to consider when reviewing options for Guelph Hydro:



Community Planning


Local jobs

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See how a Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger compares to our top five priorities

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Decision-making criteria

Value for customers

Protect consumers with respect to electricity distribution rates
Meet or exceed current quality, safety and reliability of service
Meet or exceed current customer service standards
Maintain or enhance service and systems through innovation and technology

Value for community

Continue or enhance conservation and demand management programs
Support development of provincial smart grid
Encourage use and generation of electricity from renewable sources
Advocate for local interests among regulators, industry and other levels of government
Provide local jobs

Value for the City of Guelph

Realize the best financial return and overall value
Supply electricity efficiently and cost-effectively
Contribute capital funds for reinvestment
Support long-term community planning and economic development

We will continue treating Guelph Hydro employees with fairness and respect, and engage in open, honest communication with community and industry stakeholders.

Any plan to buy, sell or merge electricity utility assets must be approved by the Ontario Energy Board. A proposal must show it will not have an adverse effect on ratepayers based on the Board’s No Harm Test.