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Guelph Hydro should remain in community hands and not to be sold or merged. Guelph Hydro is the perfect size and would be put at risk if merged into a larger utility; it could then be sold and merged.


We are very proud of the service and value we get from Guelph Hydro, and we want to keep it that way in the years ahead. Mid-sized utilities across Ontario are looking for ways to address some big changes in the electricity industry:

  • building and maintaining infrastructure to accommodate small-scale distributed generation, and a shift toward electric vehicles (charging stations etc.)
  • changing the role of the utility as more people choose to generate their own power (reducing revenue for the utility)
  • offering modern services for people seeking smart-home technologies to manage their own energy use
  • contributing to long-term community planning, energy mapping, transportation planning, outage management systems etc

We’re doing our research now, to prepare for the future.

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