Ontario’s energy landscape is changing

Across Ontario, cities are exploring new ways of managing their local electric utility companies.

Our Current Landscape

In 1996, Ontario had 307 separate electricity utilities. Today, that number has shrunk to roughly 70 because many cities have consolidated their electric utility companies to reduce duplication and manage the increasing cost of delivering power to homes and businesses.

In fact, provincial policy initiatives continue to encourage local electricity utility companies to explore new ways to manage costs and modernize electrical service to benefit their customers.  Premier Kathleen Wynne has suggested the provincial government may be considering streamlining Ontario’s 70 local electricity utilities to find efficiencies.

That’s why Guelph’s Strategies and Options Committee is evaluating opportunities that could work for our community.

Recent changes to Ontario’s electricity utility companies

  • Waterloo North Hydro is owned by the City Waterloo, the Township of Woolwich and the Township of Wellesley, and is considering options to buy, sell, merge or standalone
  • Veridian and Whitby Hydro have signed a memorandum of understanding with the goal of merging the two companies
  • Enersource, Horizon Utilities, Hydro One Brampton, and PowerStream have become Alectra Utilities
  • Hydro One has an application before the Ontario Energy Board to acquire Orillia Power
  • Hydro One plans to acquire Peterborough Distribution
  • The Town of Midland is considering selling Midland Power
  • Wasaga Beach has voted to retain and grow its electricity utility
  • St. Thomas Energy and Chatham Kent-based Entegrus Powerlines have agreed to merge
  • Thunder Bay Hydro  and Kenora Hydro are discussing a merger
  • City of London is looking for a consultant to advise on next steps for London Hydro
  • The Town of Collingwood is negotiating with a single company to sell the municipality’s share of Collus-Powerstream
  • Goderich Hydro is planning to merge with Erie Thames Powerlines

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Current Landscape

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