Times are changing. Utilities are changing too.

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It’s an exciting time in Ontario’s electricity sector. Utilities across the province are updating their business models to keep up with changing customer needs, evolving policy and regulation, new technology, and increasing competition.


We’re looking ahead to understand which investments are needed to keep up with everything that’s changing:

  • People converting to electric vehicles want utilities to build, maintain and manage charging stations.
  • People using smart-appliances and online energy management systems want utilities to support apps and dashboards.
  • Homes and businesses with solar panels or combined heat and power generators want utilities to offer advice and help manage the two-way flow of electricity.
  • Private companies are starting to compete with utilities by offering energy management systems and services.

Successful utilities must have the resources to innovate and adapt to rapid changes in the market, while offering modern, reliable electricity services at reasonable rates.

Now is the time to explore whether Guelph Hydro has the right infrastructure and resources to succeed on its own, or if it makes sense to join forces with another publicly-owned utility.

Possible Guelph Hydro mergers

The City of Guelph is exploring how mergers with other publicly-owned utility companies compare to maintaining full ownership of Guelph Hydro.

Is a merger a good idea?

Maybe. Maybe not. We’re researching the industry to see if a merger could:

Reduce duplication.

Improve efficiency.

Enhance electricity services.

Help manage costs.