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If Alectra is still implementing changes associated with previous mergers and acquisitions, why not wait for proof that this is a wise decision?


While Alectra’s most recent changes are still underway, previous mergers and consolidation have demonstrated savings for customers.

According to page 23 of this report: Renewing Ontario’s Electricity Distribution Sector: Putting the Consumer First:

  • PowerStream was created in 2004 by the voluntary merger of the distribution utilities of Markham and Vaughan and the acquisition of Richmond Hill’s LDC. That consolidation brought about $6.9 million in annual cost savings – now they’re part of Alectra
  • Veridian was created through the consolidation of the three neighbouring distribution utilities in Pickering, Ajax, and Clarington. In the first three years of operation, Veridian reportedly achieved savings of 13% in operations management and administration expenses. Veridian Connections’ purchase of Scugog and Gravenhurst Hydro, 2005: As a result of the acquisition, the total cost of operating, maintaining and administering the combined utility decreased from $21.1 million to $18.8 million, an 11% reduction. This works out to savings of almost $40 per customer per year

Today, larger utilities offer services some smaller utilities may not, such as advanced energy mapping, outage management systems, smart-grid, smart home and smart city initiatives, electric vehicle charging stations, longer customer service hours, e-billing options etc.

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