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Why not have a referendum as part of the 2018 election? Voters deserve to decide directly.


A referendum is unlikely to reflect the diversity of our community. For example, in Guelph’s last municipal election, 45% of eligible voters participated.
City council will make its decision based on expert research and is paying close attention to the community engagement initiatives taking place in Guelph, which will help inform their decision.
We hired expert third-party financial and legal consultants to perform in-depth research and analysis to ensure City Council has the best possible information about the utility, the industry, and the proposed merger with Alectra.
We conducted two phone surveys using a random sample of citizens to ensure we heard opinions from a diverse and representative group of people throughout the community.
City Councillors, as elected representatives, have the duty to make decisions they believe are in the best interest of constituents and the City.

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