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The Mayor says he's heard people say they want better rates and better service. I have heard people say "Please don't sell off our asset".


We’ve heard from hundreds of people over the past year. Most people we talk to say that rates, reliable service, community planning, environment and local jobs are the most important things to consider as we consider a possible merger with Alectra.

City Council already voted NOT to sell Guelph Hydro. A sale would mean we get a lump sum today, and have no ownership in the future.

The proposed merger with Alectra merger would make Guelph a partner in a larger, industry-leading utility company, and the City would earn a higher annual revenue. We would lose some autonomy, and some jobs may move or change in a few years. Those details are being discussed as we speak.

More information will be available in the City Council report December 1, and you can come to the City Council meeting December 13.

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