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Please explain how selling Guelph Hydro to Hydro One would provide better service to Guelph residents.


We have not decided to sell to Hydro One or anyone else. We’re learning from other cities, and exploring opportunities to make sure we keep getting great value and service for Guelph Hydro customers and the community.

In general terms, a sale or merger could increase the size of Guelph’s local utility. Rather than having several small utilities delivering the same services in the same region, a larger utility can serve a larger group of customers; reducing duplication and improving efficiency.

Larger utilities typically offer longer customer service hours and have more advanced customer support systems like email, phone and text alerts. In future years, a larger utility would be in a better position to raise capital funds needed to support home automation systems (smart thermostats and appliances etc.), electric vehicles charging stations, local electricity generation systems etc.

Ontario’s energy landscape is changing, and now is the time to explore the future of Guelph Hydro.

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