Ontario’s electricity sector is changing. It’s time to review our options.

Possible Guelph Hydro mergers

We want to make sure electricity customers in Guelph and Rockwood keep getting great service and value.

We’re exploring how mergers with other publicly-owned utility companies would compare to maintaining full ownership of Guelph Hydro.

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Utilities across Ontario are changing

We’re researching the industry to see if a merger could: 

reduce duplication

improve efficiency

enhance electricity services

help manage costs

Technology is changing

It can be hard for mid-sized utilities like Guelph Hydro to offer the same services as larger utilities.

As technology changes, our local utility must evolve to support new ways of generating and using electricity:

electric vehicles

home automation

small-scale, renewable generation

smart-grid technology

energy management systems

Learn more about Ontario’s changing utilities

The process

Phase 1


Explore options: buy, sell, merge or maintain full ownership

Begin community engagement

Present findings Guelph City Council

Phase 2

March to Fall 2017

Scan industry for potential merger partners: publicly-owned utility companies

Engage merger candidates

Develop preliminary business cases and financial analyses

Outline impact on shareholders ratepayers

Discuss governance models

Compare to maintaining full ownership

Make recommendation to City Council

Phase 3

Fall to winter

If Council decides to pursue a merger:

Enter into memorandum of understanding

Announce the parties involved

Begin exclusive negotiations

Continue community engagement

Conduct financial, legal, operational and regulatory due diligence

Develop merger and shareholder agreements

Finalize rate impact

Make recommendation to City Council

Phase 4

Winter 2017 to 2018

If City Council approves the transaction:

Submit a Merger, Acquisition, Amalgamation and Divestiture Application to the Ontario Energy Board

Develop implementation plan

Establish leadership and governance

The process is complete upon Ontario Energy Board approval

Questions and comments

We definitely want to hear from you before making any changes to Guelph Hydro. Ask us a question or leave a comment:

Why are you considering a merger?

Would a merger let us maintain local control?

Who are the potential merger partners?

Would a merger increase or decrease my bills?

Bigger isn't always better. Service could become less personal or less reliable.

Could a merger move us away from nuclear power?

If it makes sense to merge with another utility, then do it. If not, then let's maintain ownership.

Do you have any data on similar locales who have merged? This is a serious issue and Guelph Hydro seems to have a good track record.

Quick Facts

Everything you need to know about our goals, process, and timelines for exploring options for Guelph Hydro.

Your Voice Matters

We want to hear from you as we explore opportunities for Guelph Hydro.

Current Landscape

See how many Ontario municipalities are making changes to their electricity distribution companies.